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If you have flat feet, you probably know by now that you can’t just show up at a fitness store. Quickly pick out a pair of running shoes and be on your merry way.

With flat feet we lack the arches that provide us with the support we need, and therefore we must find the support elsewhere. In this case we must buy shoes designed to help mold the shape of our foot.

Provide us with a supportive arch that fits the shape of our foot with adequate cushioning. This is especially important if we’re taking part in strenuous activities that place a lot of stress and movement on our feet.

While we know that insoles and orthotics are always a choice for extremely stubborn and painful flat feet. This article is just going to focus on the most comfortable running shoes for flat feet without all of these potential add-ons.

Some brands are better than others, and we’re here to help share some reviews of running shoes we have tested out with our flat feet in mind.

We’ve picked out seven running shoes for women that we would personally recommend. It’s important to choose a brand that has created a design specifically created to help ease the problems with flat feet.

This is so you know that the brand understands your concerns and has tried to solve these problems with a number of different product innovations. So read on and see which pair seems like it’s the right match for your needs. Get ready to start walking (or running) on a path to comfort.

What Should Women Look Out For When Purchasing Shoes for Flat Feet?

With so many running shoes on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many different shapes and technologies that it can be hard to figure out which shoe is right for you.

Some brands have specific shoes that are perfect for flat-feet, while the same brand may have some things you should steer away from.  For example, we’ve reviewed one Nike product that we’d highly recommend for flat feet, while a lot of their other products don’t provide the same arch support.

Natural Arch

The first and main thing to look out for is a natural arch that will help mold to the shape of your foot, without making it feel uncomfortable or forced. If the shoe lies flat on the ground, chances are they aren’t the right shoe for you. That means your feet will be flat on the ground with absolutely no support to help lift you up. When we begin to run or take part in more strenuous activities, we’ll definitely feel the discomfort and cramping that can come with this ailment. So be sure to look out for a shoe with a slightly raised arch.


Another main thing is cushioning. Make sure the shoe is comfortable to provide extra padding for the overall comfort of your feet. Since you have less support than the average folk, you’ll want to try making up for it in different ways. Soft cushioning for comfortable movement is something we’d deem necessary.


Since we’re looking at running shoes, also ensure that the shoe your purchasing is designed for long distances and technologies that make running indoors and outdoors as smooth and easy as possible. Whether it be shoes for pronation to enhance stability, or a lightweight shoe so you can glide smoothly with each step, make sure the shoe has the features you need to go from a good run to a great one.


The rest of the things to look out for are up to you. Decide what’s most important in a shoe for your flat-feet and whatever needs you may have and go from there. The reviews we have provided are designed to help you narrow down your search. Through reading through these reviews and looking at the features they provide, we hope we can help you find the perfect fit for your flat feet.

Finding The Right Shoe

Now that you have a fair idea of what to look for in flat feet running shoes, here is a collection of the most raved about flat-foot-friendly running shoes on the market today. Enjoy!

1) Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 21 Running Shoe:

women flat foot shoes

Cushioning, comfort and stability are the perfect words to describe Nike’s Air Zoom running shoes. Just by looking at these shoes, you can tell that the design features a cushioning support.

Lots of material and structure on the out-sole. Cushioning is extremely important when we have flat feet, with little support from our arches we’re always looking for support in other places, especially in the mid-sole.

With cushioning comes comfort as it helps our feet mold to the arch support provided in the shoe, so our feet aren’t hugging the ground.

These Nike shoes offer that amount of comfortably we need to help lift us up and avoid unnecessary cramping. Not only do these shoes offer cushioning, but they are also extremely lightweight so they’re a great shoe to try out if you’re looking to be active, without feeling like you’re being weighed down.

The Nike Zoom unit and decoupled crash pad offer cushioned protection, while deep flex grooves ensure durable traction during your workout. We’ll also mention that we just love the look of this shoe;

Nike always creates a design with aesthetics and comfortably in mind for the perfect running shoe. If you have flat feet we found this to be a comfortable and convenient option and we’d say it’s worth the try.

2) Saucony Women’s Omni 16 Running Shoes

Saucony’s were designed for comfort, and we find that the Women’s Omni 16 running shoes are the best choice of Saucony’s products for flat feet.

These shoes features include an engineered mesh upper for a dynamic fit and a refined tri-flex outsole design. To simplify it, these shoes provide great support and comfort.

These shoes have a lot of cushion to help properly support your arches. We found that while wearing them for long periods of time and excessive exercise they remain comfortable and really help lift your feet up with proper cushioning and support for added comfort.

While, we will admit they’re not the most stylish choice out there, they’re a great choice for a quick run, and the affordability definitely makes this a purchase worthwhile. See for yourself why many people with flat feet recommend the Saucony brand for their flat feet.

3) Brooks Womens Launch 5

womens flat foot shoes

The Brooks Women’s Launch 5 have thought of everything, and they have all of the features designed for runners and flat-footed people alike.

These shoes were designed with people with flat arches in mind, Brooks states that they offer medium to high arch support which is a breath of fresh air for those with fallen arches.

The cushion and support will help your feet mold to the appropriate arch, keeping you higher off the ground with a lot less discomfort. These are also the perfect running shoes. These shoes are lightweight with energized cushioning that has a rebounding rubber to create a springy underfoot.

It also has a quick transition zone shaped to go quickly from head to toe. You can be confident that every step you take while exercising is a positive one, with a shoe designed for your comfort and foot shape.

With all that being said, the shoes are also extremely attractive and offer numerous color options so the shoes can really feel like your own, and that they suit who you are as a person.

If you’re looking for comfort, arch support, and style, this is a running shoe we would definitely recommend checking out.

4) Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe

best womens running shoes

The Women’s XR Mission running shoe has exactly what you’re searching for: flat arch support. These running shoes combine a lightweight feel with stability to provide a comfortable running experience, with shoes that help mold your foot and provide cushioning for your flat feet.

Lift yourself up with these shoes that utilize sensifit technologies to easily transition from road to trail, and is perfect for a run of any distance. These shoes are a bit more heavy duty, they’re designed for the outdoors.

The footbed is designed with cushioning foam to reduce friction, keeping your feet comfortable as you run and there’s even technology in the heel that provides extra cushioning in your heels as well.

We wanted to provide a variation of products for your flat feet, and these Women’s XR are a great example of how many different types of running shoes are out there that fit your needs not only for the type of run or the look of the shoe, but also with a focus on providing comfort for your flat feet.

5) Asics Women’s Gel-Exalt Running Shoe

gel running shoes

Asics are known for their natural arching shape that provides the utmost comfort, support, and stability for individuals with flat-feet without making it feel forced. They react to the proper shaping of your feet, while lifting your feet up properly during your run.

These shoes provide a technology that reduces weight and maintains stability for an effortless and comfortable wear when you have them on. These shoes are designed for neutral-to-over pronation, emphasizing the importance of stability and comfort in the running shoes.

We’ve already got enough problems with our flat feet, so it’s good to know when we’re exercising we’ll have control over our physical actions. The firmer cushioning and gel cushioning system will ensure that you are comfortable while wearing this product.

They provide a comfortable fit for your needs. Asics also designs a very specific looking shoe, featuring fun colors and designs to help you stand out on your next run.

6) Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19

best running shoes women

While we know we’ve already got another Brooks running shoe on the list, we couldn’t go without mentioned the Adrenaline GTS 19. These shoes were perfectly designed for running and one thing we can tell you is that they do not disappoint.

Just by quickly glimpsing at this shoe you can tell that it has a lot of cushioning. With great cushioning, comes great arch support. This shoe has a naturally designed arch that will help lift you up while providing you with the necessary cushioning for comfort.

This shoe uses an asymmetrical 3D Fit Print saddle that pulls from the heel and wraps around your midfoot for a secure fit. This means that the shoe will fit your foot properly with adequate stability providing you with the utmost support.

This shoe is perfect for running, it has has a new approach  to stability which creates a holistic support system and are designed to keep excess movement in check. You won’t have to worry about over-pronation with this running shoe or feeling like they aren’t fitting the shape of your foot properly, because they were designed to help resolve all of these issues.

Brooks also boasts that the 19 model has made a lot of progressions, including the newest and softest cushioning that they’ve ever had in a shoe. This BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning dynamically adapts to your stride. The cushioning in the midsole hits the area in your arch that affects most people with flat feet, providing a soft and comfortable area to help reduce cramping.

As mentioned, the cushioning adapts to your stride which will provide you with a smooth and effortless run. Put less strain on your feet and opt for a shoe that was designed for comfort with a lightweight and innovative design.

We found this shoe to be extremely comfortable and worth the price and it’s one we would definitely recommend. The shoe also offers a few variations of different colors and designs so that you have options when picking out your perfect running shoe.

7) New Balance Women’s Vongo v2 Running Shoe

womens running shoes

A common theme we’ve noticed in our review for running shoes with flat feet, is that the products we’re testing out provide a whole lot of cushion. That rings true for the New Balance Women’s Vongo v2 Running shoe.

This running shoe has a fresh foam vongo insole which results in great comfort and stability for your shoe, providing you with support in your arch area for added lift and comfort.

This shoe is lightweight and a great companion for running, while still providing a soft and smooth transition with each step you take. It is thoughtfully designed both for your cushioning support and in providing ample comfort for your flat feet.

The design is also great in terms of look and feel, providing a molded sockliner and a no-sew material application. New Balance shoes almost always come up in discussion when we’re talking about a product that will be beneficial in aiding your flat feet and providing the support you need.

These shoes will mold well to the shape of your foot, providing a lift without unnecessary pain or pressure. You can be confident that they’ll be perfect for running as well with its numerous innovative designs that were created to provide runners with the freedom that comes with a comfortable shoe.

So, How Do You Go About Picking Out the Running Shoe that’s Right for You?

Like anything in life, choosing a running shoe is an extremely personal and subjective experience. We’ve narrowed down the options of some great running shoes that are wonderfully comfortable for people with flat feet.

Not all running shoes are created equally, and if you suffer from discomfort from flat feet it’s extremely important that you seek out shoes designed for your flat feet.

It’s important to pick out the right pair of running shoes when using them for any physical activity, so that you aren’t damaging your feet by neglecting them from the support and stability that they need.

We love a lot of these shoes for their sole comfort that they provide through cushioning and specific designs for stability and comfort. Now it’s up to you to decide which shoe design is right for you.

womens running shoes

Some of these shoes are more stylish than others, if that’s an important factor for you, then you may want to throw that into your decision process. While others are more suitable for trail running, or you may find you yourself even just prefer shoes with gel technologies.

Whatever shoe you decide on to help your flat feet feel lightweight and breath in comfort on your next run, make sure it’s one that’s designed for your flat feet.

All of the designs we’ve featured here are just suggestions to help make your decision a little easier. But we’ve made sure they’re comfortable not just for anyone, but for our flat-footed companions.

So, after reading this put some thought into it. We hope that you can start your next journey in the comfort of a pair of new running shoes that allow you to feel comfortable and invincible.

Just because you have flat feet doesn’t mean you don’t have options. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style just because you have flat feet, you just have to find the right product design that works for you.

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